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Evil Spyrill [Contest] by rokulie Evil Spyrill [Contest] by rokulie
This is what I have done to my headbaby Spyrill for the Turning Tables Contest...

:bulletgreen: BEFORE:
:bulletwhite: spunky, feisty, humorous, outgoing, and friendly
:bulletwhite: rarely wears makeup, except mascara
:bulletwhite: strong sense of justice
:bulletwhite: a little too trusting and gullible

:bulletred: AFTER:
:bulletblack: dramatic makeup and all blonde hair
:bulletblack: cynical, snide, serious, and sophisticated
:bulletblack: still has that strong sense of trust and justice...

Spyrill stars in three different stories ;_; but in general, she's always fighting for what's right and good. In the story I'm working on first, she partners up with a friend to fight evil; they become so close that they call themselves "soul twins." What if her twin were to betray her? What if her best friend were to flee to the dark side, enticed by its promises, and leave behind Spyrill and all the good they worked so hard for? (This isn't a spoiler at all...:lol: )

In the alternate universe I've depicted, Spyrill has given up on the battle between good and evil, and in her search for escape, has a fateful meeting with a gang of renegade women. Seeking acceptance and some semblance of friendship, she decides to join their ranks, but they won't allow her in until she proves her loyalty to them. Spyrill, already an adept at disguise, must enter the home of a certain man in power and assassinate him.

What's left of her conscience pleads with her not to do it. "Has he done something bad?"

"Oh yes," they insist, "he's a very bad man. He's done nothing but terrible things and is a menace to our cause. You could be the one to punish him."

So she agrees to the task, and the drop of poison she pours into his drink marks her fall from grace.

:pointr:(As a side note, I've wanted to draw Spyrill with this kind of makeup and hairstyle for a really long time! I've done sketches, but this is my first color version.)

After making this, I have fallen in love with watercolors + Copics. Remind me to do this more often.

Hand reference from this page:…
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August 28, 2013
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