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01 - San Winter by rokulie 01 - San Winter by rokulie
~*REFLECTION*~ San was an RP char I created for a friend's game universe in 2001. All of our characters were loosely based on ourselves. She was one of my first RP characters, and as such was horribly designed, so I tweaked her a bit for this project.

~*PROJECT COMMENTS*~ It was my first time using copics in an actual drawing, so her hair came out streaky since it was the first thing I did. I thought I was doing it properly, but I guess I need to try a different technique.

I should have just left more white, because I don't think her hair is supposed to be so blue! I would have liked her skin to be a little lighter too. Oh well, live a little, learn a little!

Her hair, skin, and eyes are (supposed to be!) so light, I thought I might as well follow an albino color pallete, and used model Connie Chiu as color inspiration. It's kind of creepy, she looks a lot like San....

Overall it doesn't look that great, but it looks SO MUCH BETTER in real life than it does scanned! Marker doesn't scan well, I for the drawing itself, though, I'm really happy that it really looks how I imagine San! :D

Hair: B41
Skin: E51, E35, R20
Eyes: B00, B02, R20
Lips: R20

~*BACKGROUND*~ San was shopping at the mall with her two best friends, Kitron Adens and Meg Davis, when the aliens first attacked earth. Chaos ensued, and Meg was separated from San and Kitron. The two barely made it out alive, but Meg was a suspected casualty.

San was hardened by this unexpected event, both the loss of an intimate friend and the bizarre alien attack, and followed her only friend left into the military. When Kitron was pronounced infected with a deadly virus, this also crushed San. Kitron chose to be cryogenically frozen until a cure was found to this new, strange virus, but either way San had to say goodbye to her friend for the rest of her life. She devised a plan in which she infected herself with the same virus so that she became eligible for cryogenic freezing, and was able to follow Kit into the future.

~*SYLITH'S REFLECTION*~ Sounds like you were watching too much anime when you made this...
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Gypsy-Green-19 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
lol, I think for a profile drawing she's big enough, but the text is kinda hard to read. (I'm a bit on the severe astigmatism side, so pretty much anything's blurry to me, though, xD)

I love that San's eyes are so icy cold, but it looks like she could smile any second now. ^__^ Really nice, and her hair looks pretty white too me, not blue.
rokulie Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011   Traditional Artist
I'm so upset that it came out so small after uploading it, because I spent a lot of time and effort resizing it so that it was large enough to read easily! :angered: Well, now I know for the rest of my profiles.

Thank you for your comment, it shows I captured her personality well :D
Gypsy-Green-19 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
You're very welcome, and dA is pretty weird about image sizes. I've had to go back and resize pictures before, particularly any with text in them.
rokulie Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011   Traditional Artist
REALLY, THAT'S AS BIG AS IT GETS?!?! I'm so sick of resizing this orz
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January 6, 2011
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