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Random from Dolls

I don't have my own dolls, but I think they can be beautiful.

Random from People

A collection of portraits that inspire me to make my own art.


Don't get confused~ by PrincessFlaw Music is my lifeline by pjuk Electronic Stamp of luuuuvv by TehZee Turn It Up by skinnyveestamp You don't have to agree... by Violet-the-Siberian Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic NES Controller stamp by deadspaceheart Dinosaur Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sun of the sleepless by SirvanaRachana Good Advice Stamp by Mirz123 Fuck II by LunaDora Objectifying Gay Men Stamp by Spikytastic Unblockable Number v2 by CassidyPeterson I don't have to. by LainaofthesandLOL Blanket Statements are Always Bad by CassidyPeterson Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Afternoon Tea Love by Gasara Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams Introvert stamp by wyldraven Needs More Lace by elefarea Gothic Lolita by VictoUsagi-chan I Love Red Hair by Zimmette-Stock Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum Inner Demons by Shimaira Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps Okay to Fav and not Comment by fear-the-brilliance Happy + Sad Art Stamp by Fox-feathers Breaktime Stamp by WetWithRain Internets by Nironan12 :thumb206822405: wiccan rede stamp by Sabattier I Love My ManSelf by Tami6677 :thumb314546329: Like Nobody Is Watching by CassidyPeterson Strawberry Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Fav and RUN 2 - stamp by JWiesner Forgetful by prosaix Stanzas written ... by SirvanaRachana Thank you llama by YooMe




Artist | Traditional Art
United States
I have an angsty love/hate relationship with my art, which is why I may disappear for months at a time. My favorite medium is ink, even though I really enjoy making color pieces too. I'm still practicing with Copics.

Closed Comms by Enjoumou Ask Trades by Enjoumou


Thank You Sign by Mirz123
I appreciate every fav, comment, watch, and llama, even if I don't say anything back!


I swear to god and goddess I'm really making art. I'm just slow. I hope that means it will be really damn good this time. I'll be exhibiting in a small space in June, and hoping to grab some unclaimed space at Acen in May...which is very much not a small space.

Trades, Commissions, Gifts, and Requests

:bulletgreen: open slot
:bulletred: closed/claimed slot
:bulletpurple: work in progress
Button - Unpaid by happy-gurlButton - Paid by happy-gurl done

Point Commissions:
:bulletred: [closed]

Cash Commissions:
:bulletred: [closed]

:bulletgreen: [open]
:bulletgreen: [open]
:bulletgreen: [open]

Gifts and Requests:
:bulletred: Sylith's new rp character 

Contests and Challenges


:bulletblue: thumbnail
:bulletblue: DEADLINE:
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE:
:bulletblue: ENTRY:
:bulletblue: RESULT: :goldenfella: by Mrichston :silverfella: by Mrichston :bronzenfella: by Mrichston

:bulletblack: thumbnail
:bulletblack: ENTRY: [dropped out/cancelled]

Note: I am considering participation in these, not necessarily joining for certain.

:bulletblue:  The Longest Night: Eleven o'ClockThe ticking clock heralds the passing of time. 
Endless, monotonous minutes creep through the hallways of the mind and the labyrinth of the soul where men are left to face himself and his irresistible compulsions. These unspoken forces drive our deepest desires and fuel our most profound fears. We are powerless in front of them, just as we are powerless in the face of the march of time. 
Do you hear it?
They call for you in the midnight hour, whispering in your mind’s ears the most secret of secrets. 
Do you see it?
They appear to you from the corner of your eye, beckoning you to follow them down the rabbit hole.
The clock chimes. It’s time to listen up and follow suit. Will you come seek us in the darkened rooms filled with echoes of the past? Will you dance with us under the garish mercury moon? Will take our hands and join us through the Longest Night?
Thank you for your participation in our long march towards the final,

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: April 30
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: 640:points: / feature / artwork / literature 
:bulletblue: ENTRY: 
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]


1st Prize - 1,000 Points
5 Custom Adopts
Two Free Art Requests

2nd Prize - 200 Points
2 Custom Adopts
One Free Art Request

3rd Prize - 100 Points
One Free Adopt
Placing the Top Three was EXCRUCIATINGLY hard!
I loved all of the individual entries and I'm SO glad that so many people entered! I'll be having another contest someday!

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 7
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: 1000:points: / adoptables / artwork
:bulletblue: ENTRY:
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

:bulletblue:  Contest Curses and Wishes: Deadline Extended!Deadline Extended:
All entries should be submitted by May 29th instead of May 15th. You now have two extra weeks to complete entries. :D Please share this contest, so we can reach more deviants! :please: :hug:
Hello my friends
Yeah i know it's been a long time  you heard something from me or the other admins regarding the group.  Originally this group was created to aid those who have trouble using photoshop. We asked a lot of advanced artists to share their knowledge or give useful tips, so we all could become better.  But i think most of you do not need personal help with your work or need feedback.  
For those who are interested in learning a quite simple way to achieve a painted look, i can recommend my tutorial i made recently. It's completely free of charge, i only want you to note me if you want to download the files. This technique is also useful to enhance the total look of your work.


:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 15
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: up to 250:points:
:bulletblue: ENTRY:
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

:bulletblue: Fanplusfriend design contest...totally forgot!!!
:bulletblue: DEADLINE: MAY 10

:bulletblue:  Draw my oc contest!+OPEN++A WEEK LEFTYesss, finally I have gathered enough points again to make a draw my oc contest!
So yeah, this contest will have two parts, one for my human ocs, other for the pony ones!
((Because I know a lot of my watchers prefer to draw ponies xDD))
Deadline is...
20th may!
How to join!
Just make a journal advertising and link it down this entry!
what else...
Everybody who joins //with an entry// will enter in a custom pony/desing raffle!
So make sure to +fav this journal to get a number!

//The contest can be suspended if no more than 10 people enter 
Putting the two parts together.
(Because not a lot of people will join in the human part)
Human ocs
My main oc:
((prefered with ashard prison or incubuss suit uvu))
Other ocs:
-Gore and nudity is allowed, but keep it sfw

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 20
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: 1200:points: / artwork
:bulletblue: ENTRY:
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

:bulletblue:  Contest! *Extra Prizes added!*ONE WEEK LEFT!
If you want an extension, please comment! If I have enough people who still want time, I shall extend it
:new: So far we have 16 people counted for the contest! Please share in any way and get in your submissions so the contest isn't cancelled~
:damphyr:It's contest time!  This contest is simple, and has many backers for awesome prizes! Just listen to the song that I've linked below, and create an art piece featuring one of your OC's.  Digitally or traditionally! Write a one shot! 3-d model it. Use anything you want to interpreate your own meaning.  
Song name: Love the House You're In
Artist: Moonface
Youtube Link:
I picked a song that I think was open to interpretation.
The point of the contest is to try to think about an illustration that would fit well with the song. Interprete the music with your chara

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 20
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: 300:points: / feature / artwork / :+llama: 
:bulletblue: ENTRY:
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

:bulletblue:  Design A Dark Side Contest!!So Jacksepticeye has Darksepticeye and Markiplier has Darkiplier~
Well...what about your dark side?
That's where you guys come in!!
All you have to do to win is design a Dark Side that represents yourself!!
You can be as wacky or crazy as possible!
Creativity is key!!
1. You may use bases.
2. Any form of media is fine (literature, digital, traditional, etc.)
3. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ABOUT MY CONTEST! (Please! I want as many people joining as possible!)
4. Any species is fine~ (animal, humanoid, human, anthro, etc)
Prizes: (Here's the good stuff!!)
1st Place:
• One Fullbody and Chibi Traditional Drawing from Me (Full Color)
• A Commission of one or more of your OCs (chest up) from :iconcapeman98:
• Fullbody from :iconTheNotInsane:
• Journal Skin from :iconshadowtailsderol:
• Picture of 1-3 of your OCs from :icontimantha1:
• 1 llama from :iconfung0001:
• 1 Pencil Sketch from :iconfung0001:

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 22
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: artwork / journal skin / llama walk  
:bulletblue: ENTRY: 
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

:bulletblue:  /Spring Contest!/ Win Comissions and points![OPEN] :bulletpink: Theme :bulletpink:
- Draw my OC contest! ^^
Im currently writing a book and I would be really happy if my characters would be drawn in different kinds of styles, also it could possibly something that would inspire me on my work. Im really excited about it!
My novel, wich is an action-adventure about love and hate in a fictional 30s/20s like setting.
There are topics about society and environmental problems wich also take place in our real world.
:bulletyellow: Prices :bulletyellow:
Everyone who participates gets featured on my journal and I´ll will also tell everyone of you what I like about your art style and your paintings in your gallery, even if you havent made it into the three placements.
It would be just an honor to me if someone draws my characters, you get kisses and hugs of me, no matter what, Okay! :heart: :meow:
:heart: ANNOUNCEMENT! :heart:
Please donate prices if you can! Commisions of all kinds, it would be really nice!

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: May 23
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: 400:points: / Added to my devWatch! / artwork / llama walk  
:bulletblue: ENTRY: 
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

Spring Contest! Don't Forget!! :):iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz:
It's time for our next contest!! THEME: SPRING!!     :iconsleepybunnyplz:
:iconpinkflowerplz:Requirements: Must be anime, and must include a spring-themed scene with a background.
:iconorangeflowerplz:Prize: 1st place: Premium membership!
(Length of membership depends on the points the group has by the time the contest ends)
If there are over 8 entries, there will also be a second and third place, which will earn the prizes of commissions and points.
I will be more specific about the prizes as the contest progresses :)
:iconyellowflowerplz:Entries Due: June 15th
** If there are fewer than 4 entries, the contest will be cancelled **
If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to ask! :heart:

:bulletblue: DEADLINE: June 15
:bulletblue: FIRST PRIZE: premium membership (undetermined length)  
:bulletblue: ENTRY: 
:bulletblue: RESULT: [pending]

Personal Projects

:bulletpink: exhibit-worthy
:bulletwhite: other
:bulletred: not started
:bulletpurple: in progress

:bulletwhite::bulletred:Imperfect Trust userpic/album cover Progress bar 0% by Aqua-Spirit22

:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Luca Crow Progress bar 10% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletwhite::bulletpurple:Not My Room Progress bar 10% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Personal Jesus Progress bar 50% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletpink::bulletpurple:Angel/Devil (reflection) Progress bar 60% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletwhite::bulletpurple:Sakura sketch Progress bar 70% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletpink::bulletred:Twin Lolitas
?:bulletred:I Still Love Her
:bulletpink::bulletred:ripping through canvas?
:bulletpink::bulletred:Battle Scars Progress bar 0% by Aqua-Spirit22
:bulletwhite::bulletred:sexy Lucifer
:bulletpink::bulletpurple:"paint this face" Progress bar 40% by Aqua-Spirit22
One of these days, I'll update my website with a new blog entry. I have a loottttt to say and no idea how to say it.
Luc and Daisuke are buddies by rokulie
Luc and Daisuke are buddies
I found this while I was cleaning up my art station yesterday. Isn't it so cute?!?! THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER. Luc is such a shorty, lol.

Yep.  They're mah boys. Pieces of me.
...interested in drawing again.

Like, legit interested in it. Not just forcing myself. The fire came back. Welcome back, old friend. I missed you.

I'll be back with more art soon.

In the mean time, here are my favorite toys, and a new toy I haven't tried yet (airbrush set, still in the box). 

My favorite toys by rokulie
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